There are a few reasons why I think Body Control + Strength is NECESSARY for young athletes....



It may not happen today, tomorrow, or even this year. But, continually moving with poor motor patterns will eventually catch up to you.


Basketball players are a perfect example of this....Ankle and knee injuries are a constant battle in the league, and the underlying factor in many cases is improper landing mechanics.

Baseball players continue to get overuse injuries (and at a pretty alarming rate in the youth age group) in their elbows and shoulders. Yet, you rarely see players doing anything to stabilize their joints...aka strength train.

Regardless of what sport you play, learning the right way to move at a young age will keep you healthy in the long run of your athletic career. 

2. BE READY TO STRENGTH TRAIN (when the time is right) 


I have heard too many stories (and seen too many videos) about the all-in-one Strength Coach / Football Coach / History Teacher allowing kids to get under a barbell that have no business doing so. I grit my teeth and get nervous every time I see a video of a 15 year old kid squatting, with their legs looking like a baby deer and their back about to snap.


That isn't a knock on all the strength coaches in high schools... I know there are some great ones out there, and we should praise the ones that really care about the kids.


But, YOU'RE TAKING A BIG RISK if you expect kids to learn how to strength train on their own (which is basically what happens at a lot of schools). 


That being said, my goal would be that kids could go into high school with a solid foundation for strength training, so when it is time to get under a barbell they are ready for it. 



Everyone knows that real results come from consistently putting in effort toward something. Whether that's in school, learning to play the guitar, or sports...


It is no different with strength training. As you get more advanced in your athletic career, the thing that separates players the most is how consistent they trained.


With Body Control + Strength, kids can learn how to train consistently by following a plan. Training 2-3 times a week (about 45 min sessions) is very doable and will show kids that they can take responsibility for their game.


If kids can put 45 minutes toward being the best Fortnite player amongst their friends, they can put 45 minutes toward being the best athlete in their county. 


I created this program with the goal to prepare kids how to strength train. With that in mind, I recommend at least 2 training sessions with me in order to teach basic movements and get kids up to speed with their plan. I do not want to simply sell a program and never see the athlete move... 

If you have worked with me in the past you can get the program by itself. However, I still recommend doing a session in order run through all of the exercises on the program you may be unfamiliar with.

BC+S Program (new athlete) - 100$

  • Body Control + Strength Program

  • 2 training sessions with me (private/small group) - 45 min sessions

  • Full access to sending me questions/videos for form review

  • Access to tutorial videos for all exercises in the program

BC+S Program ONLY (returning athlete) - 30$

  • Body Control + Strength Program

  • Full access to sending me questions/videos for form review

  • Access to tutorial videos for all exercises in the program

If you are a non-baseball player, ask about discounts. I want to work with all sports!

Cone Drills:

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T Drill

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W Drill

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Square Drill